Indie Projects

LudumDare48: Asterisk

A small group of 6 North Americans and a European working together for 72 hours to create something fun and enjoyable for the LudumDare48 game jam.


Game Summary:

Asterisk is a short re-playable platform adventure filled with space exploration and explosions. Jump into the boots of a expendable employee as you are tasked with harvesting ancient alien relics for the mega corporation Dig Deep inc.

“Everything is valuable, except for you.”

All assets within Asterisk was created for this project from scratch and should not be taken or used without permission as Dig Deep inc does not hire workers who steal.

The Global Game Jam 2020


Art assets for the GGJ 2020 made within a 72 hour crunch, Reckless. Unfortunately the team I was apart of disbanded half way through the event so I do not have a playable version of the game.


The game was based around the theme Repair and you play as a grandmothers cat who goes around breaking things all while avoiding the mad old lady.

Power-ups in the form as tuna was collectible within the house however if you ate the tuna, you will become heavier and sluggish making the game harder overall.

The Dread XP Collection

I was approached to create a series of backgrounds for the upcoming Dead XP Collection showcase.


Preview the finished video below.

Personal Tilemap work

Kanto & Johto Redrawn

Side Projects

Some work in progress projects.

Twitch Assets

Emotes and Badges

Starting/Ending Screens